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Making employees happier,

healthier and more productive

by improving emotional, physical

and financial wellbeing

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Why Travel Accounts?

Covid-19 has taken away many of our freedoms in 2020, not least of which is our ability to make the most of our time off. in 2020 holidays have become a source of stress rather than relaxation, meaning that in 2021 a good holiday will be more important than ever.

Travel Accounts are the only employee benefit, that improves the emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing of your employees at zero cost to your business.

By implementing Travel Accounts our clients help their employees to make the most of their holidays, and make them more affordable.

Holidays are vital to our wellbeing, but they are one of the biggest expenses, which we have every year. Our clients help their employees save hundreds of pounds, and avoid getting into more, unmanageable debt.

Emotional, Physical and Financial Wellbeing

For every 10 hours vacation time taken, performance reviews improve by 8%.

After a holiday absenteeism reduces by a third.

Holidays are a large expense, and can have significant impact on employees' financial wellbeing and subsequent stress.

Employees who use all of their annual holiday allowance are 34% more likely to earn their annual bonus.

The average family spends two months' salary on their annual holiday.


The best way to save money on a holiday, is not necessarily, by finding the best deal right now. It is by booking your holiday at the right time. taking advantage of early booking discounts, and seasonal sales.

Travel Accounts give employees the opportunity to book their holiday at the right time, meaning they don't have to wait and watch the price of their holiday increase, possibly by thousands of pounds.

Reducing the financial stress of a holiday, increases the impact on employees' emotional and Physical wellbeing.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; we want to improve the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of employees, by helping them to afford one of their biggest, recurring expenses and make the most of their holiday.

By enabling employees to select a Travel Account, employers are not only helping them to spread the cost of their holiday, but it means they can keep the money they would have spent on a holiday in their bank account to cover any unexpected costs.

Travel Accounts also help employees to book their holiday early, or during the seasonal sales, which helps them to save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. 

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